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Forex rare dish

Forex rare disc contains special currency provided by the State, it is not as mainstream disc widely traded, but it has a special investment value, it can meet the needs of a particular transaction traders. These rare goods Usually associated with a mainstream currency for currency combinations, such as dollar/South African rand (USD/ZAR), Euro/Turkish lira (EUR/TRY), US dollar/Mexican peso (USD/MXN), And so on, but also the existence of two currencies rare combination of circumstances, such as NOK/SEK (NOK/SEK) and the like. These currencies are usually occupy a certain advantage in the geo-economic, such as Mexico, Central America as an economic Leader system, leading the Central American economic lifeline; the Middle East and Turkey, as currency, stabilize, the economy and other checks and balances in the Middle East, investors can trade according to their investment needs selectivity.

Why Forex rare dish?

  • Special economic purpose and value
  • Cross trading flexibility to hedge
  • Applicable to trade in their national traders
  • The rise of emerging markets, investment potential


Tranzi can provide customers with up to 200: 1 leverage, and flexible contract sizes, a variety of account types and the pending order type, while the spread on also has outstanding performance, customers can enjoy a unique transaction in the transaction experience.

Examples of currency pairs The minimum number of lots traded The maximum number of lots transaction Contract Size Pending distance Margin ratio transaction hour
USD/MXN 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 0.5% to 2% 07:00 am Saturday 05:59 Monday morning
(Daily morning 06: 00-07: 00 closed)
USD/HKD 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 5% to 20% 06:05 am Monday to Saturday 05:59
USD/CNH 0.01 20 100,000 49.9 5% to 20% 06:05 am Monday to Saturday 05:59

Note: * US daylight saving time, Beijing transactions corresponding 1 hour ahead
TRANZI INTERNATIONAL GROUP LIMITED remind you to consider raising the risk of leverage. A relatively small market movement will have a scaled, have a greater impact on the funds you have deposited or will have to deposit, this may work against you, it may be to your advantage. You may sustain a total loss of initial margin required to deposit additional funds to cover short positions.